Headed up by Registered Intermediary (IMS000124) Scott O'Donoghue, a former Licensed Agent (O500); the Lilywhite Sports Management Football Division has a wealth of experience and contacts within the game.

Lilywhite's clients receive a bespoke representation service centred upon the knowledge and expertise provided by our staff.
Our team is very knowledgeable and understands the needs of the modern footballer.

At present, Lilywhite Sports Football Division have international consultants based in five different countries. All of the consultants are Registered Intermediaries and have a plethora of experience in the football industry.

In the UK, Lilywhite Sports have several consultants that help provide a reliable service to all the players signed to the business.

Key Services

- Career Development
- Club Search
- Player Contracts
- Match Day Attendance

Client Services
- Concierge
- Legal Advice
- Financial Planning
- Insurance
- Marketing/PR/Sponsorship